Oskickade brev, staying for dessert and other short stories...

Artist book / short stories antology.

Produced in 2013.

Self-published artist book with other
artists, 152 x 202mm, 250 pages, digital printing, edition of 200.

ISBN: 978-91-981051-2-4

I’ve worked with the book also as a curator/project leader, developing it with 16 other artists:

Martin Valter Fridén
Laura Hatfield
Anya Kovalieva
Rickard Ljungdahl Eklund
Anna Classon
Linn Lindström & Sasha Waltå
Martin Holm
John Salquist
Martha Persson
Karin Sandberg
Kirstine Lund
Thomas Eliasson
Christian Dumky
Dorna Aslanzadeh
Arvid Hägg

Thanks to KulturUngdom, for helping finance the production of this book.