Desire for Misplacement.

Ongoing project.


Performance with digital slide projection and video. First instalment exhibited in 2014, for the group exhibition Fast Forward, curated by Jason E. Bowman.

Financed by what is now called the World Culture Museum in Gothenburg, the German ethnographer Curt Nimuendajú travelled to Brazil in the 1920s expecting to meet the most hospitable of inhabitants, but instead found something else. Considering the politics of ethnography, the slide-show presentation Desire for Misplacement takes a performative detour from a published report by Nimuendajú, by appropriating some of his personal mishaps and a few fortunate circumstances with Kjell Caminha’s own private accounts of a transformed guest in Sweden.

view of the performance 'Desire for Misplacement'.

portrait of Curt Nimuendajú, 'Desire for Misplacement'.

technical drawing for archive,'Desire for Misplacement'.


The second instalment is being developed into a symposium and a publication. More info to come.