Hemma hos Kjell.

Situation at Kjell's apartment.


Produced in 2014 for the exhibition Motbilder (Counterparts) 22 Aug–14 Sept. Curated and produced by Anna van der Vliet / ICIA (Institute for Contemporary Ideas and Art).


Brazilian-Swedish artist Kjell Caminha invites people to visit his suburban located two-bedroom apartment to eat with him Brazil's national dish feijoada. Feijoada is said to be created by African slaves who worked on plantations and used to spare the leftovers (lots of pork meat) and long-cook them together with cheap black beans.
A situation is slightly inclined while announcing the artwork to potential guests: Kjell is strongly expecting you to invite him back.
For the duration of ten days, from two to three hours each, Kjell cooked and were to serve around 30 portions of feijoada a day for potential visitors. Despite the great expectancy, the number of guests showing up at his door was quite low.