Vad Tänker Du Om Din Framtid.

Series of portraits. Variable size.


Produced in 2009.

What Do You Think About Your Future.

Series of portraits of imigrants in Sweden. They were asked to reply to the question using their native language and to personally write it down on a blackboard.

Big thanks for: Charmaine Lee, Hassan Ahmed, Anna Kovalieva, Colin Gordon, Emanuel Lopez, Enne Hannele Caminha Johansson, Francy, Fabian and Santigo Zinuga, Godstime Nwankwo, Hassan Shokri, Helena Savio, Istvan Nemeth, John Svensson, Ahmet Bagci, Karl Gunnarsson, Konstantinos Sarigiannidis, Kris Ketuotor, Mahir Bale, Maurienne Caminha Johansson, Paul John, Santiago Rodrigues, Ahmed Jama Abdi, Suany Estay Madera, Toshihide Shirahama and evrybody that has contributed in this project! Thanks!