The Expresso Project.

Performance, installation with wallpaper and mini expresso bar.


Produced in 2012.

The Expresso Project is a temporary expresso-bar that explores the potential of coffee as a catalyst for social change. By creating a micro-utopian context in which viewers are invited to consider coffee’s relationship to revolutionary narratives and contemporary workers’ movements, I seek to highlight the socioeconomic and geopolitical dimensions of coffee production and consumption today. Dealing with a greenwashing and antagonistic dilemma, I serve expresso-shots accompanied by a single card, exalting the qualities of our today most "exotic" beverage.

view of installation after performance. The Expresso Project, 2012.

Expresso Card. The Expresso Project, 2012.

Draft. The Expresso Project, 2012.

Wallpaper. The Expresso Project, 2012.