Would you like to join my studio?


NICOLAS WILLIAM HUGHES was the chosen recipient to the residency! Congrats Nicolas! Have a look at his website!

"I’d like to offer you the unique opportunity of working at my studio for a period of one week at the end of January 2014. Submit a proposal, or a brief artist statement in Swedish or English, about your practice and wishes within the situation of being a guest in an artist’s studio for a week. I’m looking for someone that hasn’t previously worked inside Valand Academy.

The winner will be awarded a week collaborating in my studio, localized high up in the 5th floor at the corner facing Vasagatan, at Academy Valand. A symbolic grant of 500:- will be awarded as a production budget as well. Also, I intend to provide you a studio-talk with a teacher working at the Academy during the residency and another one with me. You will have use of a thirty square meter studio for week 3 [January 13th to 19th] or week 4 [January 20th to 26th]. The work undertaken during or originated from the residency might be exhibited later.

This is a working residency, and here are some of the regulations: no overnights are allowed; you may use everything that I have in the studio – I won’t hide my tools or store them away. An opportunity to chat with exciting neighboring artists and perhaps, broaden your own practice. You may not lock the studio – a safe storage with lock will be provided for you + some other safety jargon that you may have to agree...


I’m an artist in the last year of the Master of Fine Arts’ program. I’m working with hospitality – experimenting within the continuum guest-host, applying different modes of transactionality.

There is no fee for the application. Submit a text (doc. or pdf.file) to my e-mail with your name, address and personal number, with your proposal for the week in my studio or an art statement, no longer than an A4. Feel free to submit images (jpegs) contextualizing your work, no more than 3. A website or link to previous works may also be included in the application as well as a CV.

This isn’t a formal application – let’s not think of a big pretentious proposal, but rather something honest about your practice: what is your story? what do you want to share? how do you relate your work to this setting?] The selection criteria will be based on creativity and awareness considering collaborative practices and not technical skills.

Submissions will be accepted until 20th December 2013 midnight. The winner will be announced and contacted on 27th December 2013. If you have any doubts about the process, mail me."

Regarding some of the questions so far: I'm not looking for somebody to be my assistant, but rather somebody to collaborate with, to take over / to work at my studio.

Instagram: @kjellcaminha